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About Digital Environment Mapping and Photography

At DEM&P I specialize in capturing high quality tailored mapping products from digital aerial images  using esri ArcGIS Desktop 10.0 mapping software with a 3D stereoscopic mapping extension. I can also tailor make maps to suite any needs. Please have a look through my portfolio of projects to see for yourself the range of mapping I have undertaken in my career.

Photography is also a lifelong love. I specialize in nature photography particularly  macro, focus stacked macro and panorama stiching. So if you have a rare plant to capture a unique focus stacked images is just the ticket to show people how special the place they are is. Panoramas are also great for showing off your special place. Please have a look at my Gallery. All images are for sale.


I have been mapping, interpreting aerial photographs and working out in Victoria’s bush for over 20 years. I have a Bachelor of Science Degree in Geography specializing in GIS and Remote Sensing. and have 35 yrs experience in photography. I worked for the Department of Sustainability and Environment as an aerial photo interpreter and remote sensing project officer since 1994. During that time I specialized in forest stand mapping, did general Geographic Information Mapping and had a GIS mapping role with the Incident management team during wildfire events. Post wildfire I was a specialist fire severity mapper.

I set up and trialled, the first computer based stereoscopic project conducted within DSE.

I have undertaken cooperative projects with Melbourne Water and Parks Victoria mapping a wide range of ecosystems. Projects include:the State Forest Resource Inventory forest assessment across eastern Victoria, Old Growth Forest, wet forest understory, alpine bogs and Semi-Arid Woodland extent and condition.

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Take only photos, leave only footsteps, kill only time.
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